I once wrote down a list of good show topics for a YouTube show on cars which is unfortunately stillborn. Some of these may also be repeats or closely related to other Questions of the Day on Jalopnik. Here is a list of what I think will be good topics:

Best Cities to Have a Street Racing Circuit In

Best Colleges for Gearheads

Worst Countries to Own a Performance Car

Best People Movers Ever Made (think minivans)

Best Watches for Gearheads

Worst Ferrari-branded Merchandise

Car Brands with the Nicest Owners

Best Toyotas Sold Outside the U.S.

Cars to beat Alex Roy's cross country record with

10 Convertibles built after 1980 that one does not look like a tool in

Cars that are always customized whenever we see them

Best Automaker Driving Schools (i.e. Porsche Sport Driving School, Audi sportscar experience)


Mainstream Cars (under $30K) that are a bitch to maintain (bought new)

Unluckiest F1 Drivers

If any one of these becomes a future Question of the Day, I will be very, very happy.